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Season one  

Jamie and Nick, two guy like people, have been pulled into anouther world! Can they survive? What's with the carrots? Is the shadowy stranger friend or foe? Who is this "Food Devil?" Poorly written and badly drawn, the awesome saga starts here!

Jamie and Nick are stuck on gate watch, which is boring, so they go looking for some adventure and are given incredible powers and make an interesting ally...
The Food Devil, refusing to stay dead, has attacked and is too much for our intrepid heroes! After sending them off with their tails between their legs, Jamie and Nicks only hope to beat the Food Devil is to take the dreaded test in the Cave of Death!
Still recovering from their draw with the Food Devil, Jamie and Nick are introduced to Chip and Brooke! Not being able to care any less Jamie decides to get some air and explore Food Hell...
After finding a village hidden over the mountains, everyone decides to settle there for a spell until they can find their home again, annoyingly enough, danger lurks even in this peaceful village with a huge castle in the middle.
Jamie and Nick have been taken prisoner! Charley trys to solve the problem diplomatically, which happens to involve violence. Jamie and Nick try to break out, which ALSO involves violence!
Everyone sits back for some much deserved relaxation time and lighthearted fun, which go great, not counting the random attacks by two men in cloaks.
The Food Devil's back with friends and has the boys on the ropes, causing Charley to step in. Crap hits the fan...
...and splatters. Things go from very bad to very worse very quickly. What do you do when the only champion of good left standing becomes insanely evil?
The lines in the sand have been crossed by the Food Devil as he takes over Charley's old HQ and kills anyone he can. The boys make one final strike at the demons before the night is done.
Season Two  
Jamie wakes up in a lake, with a spear in his back and amnesia in his brain. He then befriends a nice girl called Lemon. Not knowing what to do he adopts a more rustic and simple life - one with no demon fighting or hair gel. Meanwhile Nick searches for his missing friend.
In hopes of following the Food Devil Jamie, Nick, Chip and Brooke are thrown into an alternate world where a Demonically enhanced botanist is surprisingly competent at destroying do-gooders.

Jamie and Nick casually decide to take out the man who killed their counterparts and families before continuing their search for their home and the Food Devil. Things get screwy when they find out the catch of alternate universe hopping.

Meanwhile, lemon meets a nice bum called Ice.

Jamie and Nick return to find dead bodies all over the place, with only one immediate survivor. Or so they think.
Season Three  
With both Ray and Jamie under her power, Blossom decides its time for her to find a way back to her own planet after causing some major chaos on this one. Jamie desperately trys to find a way around her voodoo before she can, uh... make him a permanent slave.

Jamie and Nick seem to have their wishes granted and everything it returned to normality! Nick even has a beer monster!

-Wait, what?

The final showdown! Lines have been crossed, blood has been spilled, lives have been lost. Jamie and Nick have finally made it to the end of their journey home, all that's left is to settle the score with the Food Devil once and for all, or die trying. Again.

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